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Mon, April 18;2022

Ndi beanyi siri “Ebe Nnwata nʼebe akwa atụ aka,nne ya anoghi ya nnaya anoro ya” (Whenever a child cries and repeatedly points towards a particular direction, a grimmer of attention is needed there); Naturally, Equity, Fairness, and justice should come into play when Four brothers are eating and it reaches to the point of sharing the meat in the pot of soup.

Is it justifiable that others should collect their own share of the meat and tell orumba that Aguata has collected their own share?

In Anambra South Senatorial District, Orumba North and Orumba South Federal Constituency is still the crying child whenever we talk about, Justice, Equity and fairness in power distribution.

Facts they say, are sacred, opinion is free.

Between the 7 LGAs which constitutes 4 Federal Constituencies in Anambra South Senatorial District, neither Orumba North nor Orumba South, two of which make up Orumba North and Orumba South Federal Constituency is Yet to produce neither a Senator nor a Governor.

Ihiala though, have not produced a Senator but at least, they have Governed the State;

Nnewi have produced 2 Senators;

Ekwusigo have produced a Senator; making it 3 Senators for 12 Years from Nnewi North/Nnewi South/Ekwusigo Federal Constituency;- Sen. Dr. Nnamdi Eriobuna, Sen. Ikechukwu Obiora and Senator Ifeanyi Ubah

Aguata has produced 2 Senators, they are Senator Dr Ugochukwu Ubah and Senator Dr Andy Uba who combined to stay for 12 years also.

These people ask for just one thing; FAIRNESS!

“Ka Orumba Jekene!,

We’ve consistently voted and unreservedly supported other Federal Constituencies to occupy the Agu Awka and Red Chamber respectively in time past. And have also remained a determinant factor for electoral victory in Anambra South Senatorial District. Yet, Orumba has consistently been shortchanged in the sharing of Political goods since 1999.

Now that the rhythm for Anambra South 2023 is rhyming for Orumba, I implore our sister Federal Constituencies in Anambra South Senatorial Zone to join hands to make Orumba dream a reality.

As the party primaries and 2023 general election draw closer, the horn of Orumba mounting the Senatorial saddle is blaring “Ka Orumba Jee”, and like a moving train, the earliest we join hands together , the better for Ndi Anambra South.

Orumba North and South block has never produced a Senator, it should not be so. This status quo is against the federal character principle which we demand that Federal Government should implement. Remember, he who goes to Equity must go with a clean hand.

Now that Orumba has an Ijele in Rt Hon Dr Ben Nwankwo (Isingidi), whose credentials outweigh that of anyone in quality, quantity, finesse and experience. Orumba needs to have a shot.

Ka Orumba Jekene!!!

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