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Anambra Lawmaker who was earlier kidnapped has been gruesomely murdered by unknown Gunmen SOLUDO: 31 Years later, Anambra set to have a befitting government house and lodge

All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA as a political party has suffered major Political sabotage and betrayals from some selfish politicians who use the beautiful platform to achieve their ambitions then drop the party in the most ungrateful manner.
these betrayals and sabotage have greatly affected the growth of this our great party to a larger extent.

At a time like this, APGA does not need political nomads and politicians who move from party to another with impunity. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that Political parties are important institutions for developing policies and platforms and as well as providing critical oversight and accountability of government actions of which
through their elected representatives, political parties implement policies that reflect the ideology of the party.

As the window for 2023 General election season is open, politicians with full baggage of nomadic traits are here again; some of them have purchased APGA nomination forms to contest for Various positions. Our genuine concern right now should be the future of our Party – APGA.

We demand that we recognise party loyalists, those with satisfactory benchmark! They should ride on their consistency and be favoured as Party Flag bearers in the forthcoming National Assembly and State House of Assembly elections.

RT Hon. Ben Nwankwo (ISINGIDI) whose loyalty to All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA has been tested and confirmed excellent should be given the APGA MANDATE to contest for Anambra South Senatorial position come 2023.

Ndigbo in general needs Charismatic Men with strong voice at the National Assembly to help promote the interest of our people for us to take over our rightful positions in this nation. We need people who are fearless, bold, very eloquent and highly intelligent to advocate for our general interest at the national level.

In the words of Hon Ben Nwankwo, The work of a Legislator is a Messengerial assignment, employed by the people, sent to the National Assembly to present their demands and bring home positive results. Hon Ben Nwankwo antecedent as a Member Federal House of Representatives, representating the Good people of Orumba North and South has remained unparalleled till date.

Thus, It is most adequate to send him to the Senate this time for us to enjoy the benefits of having an efficient and effective Senator.
It is very disheartening that Anambra South has been shortchanged for a very long time in the Senate and this is the Time to get it right.

Arinze Clems

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